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Being in the contractor business we understand and have been where you are at. You are looking for inventory for specific jobs at a low cost. With a free buyer account, you get notified when specific items become available in your area.

Sell Job Site Overages

You will never need to let your excess materials pile up. By using Second Source, you are avoiding restocking fees & excess inventory. Leave the old job behind so that you can concentrate on the next job! 

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How It Works

Create Your Free Second Source Supply Account

Step 1

Create Your Free Account.

With your free account, you’ll have the ability to view listing details and seller contact information.

Browse Available Listings and Materials

Step 2

Browse Available Listings Or List Your Excess Materials

Materials are listed by category and location so that you can reach buyers or see available materials in your market.

Listings Are Automatically Sent To Network

Step 3

Listings Are Automatically Sent To Second Source Supply Network

It’s free to sign up to be notified of new listings based on categories & location. Alerts are sent to buyers who have requested them.

Coordinate the Sale Of Materials

Step 4

Coordinate Sale Of Materials

Buys will reach out to sellers to purchase materials. Contact information is only available to logged-in users. 

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